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Sam Reviews the best Airbikes out there!

Sam Bos Octane

What do we know about air bikes? Air bikes have been around for decades and no matter what brand they are extremely popular with our members. It used to be a common theme amongst the Cross Fit community (and still is today), big industrial space – tick, Big black rig – tick, funny looking chin up technique – tick, member dying on floor covered in sweat and tears after 100 cal air bike test – TICK!

Now days we are seeing the air bike pop up in almost every commercial facility in New Zealand, but why? It’s a machine that members request even though they know they will regret it later. It has the unique ability of being an upper and lower body work out while burning more calories than any other conventional piece of kit...

Although the air bike has been around a few years now and at a glance all look fairly similar over-sized seat, big long handles, noisy fan at the front... we have noticed a few subtle differences that we would like to share with you today to ensure your members have the best experience possible on quite possibly the most hated machine on the gym floor!

Assault Fitness Airbike Classic:

Assault Fitness created the first commercially stable airbike back in 1852 when sailors would come home from overseas voyages and wanted to lose a few pounds after being on a diet of rum and bread, So you know it has a history for servicing some pretty tough characters. Fast forward to 2019 it now has a console which includes your standard measurements – time, distance, calories, watts, heart rate. The console is a bit on the small side but still manages to include ant+ connectivity. The seat is big and pretty comfortable if you like that sort of thing and is fully adjustable – up, down, front and back with easy to use twist and push mechanism. Oversized cranks and pedals are a must as these guys get thrashed on a daily basis. Assault Fitness has unfortunately stuck with the times and gone with chain driven train vs belt option which has now become industry standard for most. The fan is big, black and beautiful but be prepared to listen to her being pushed to her limits! Warranty – unfortunately this is where the Assault Fitness Airbike falls short compared to other bikes on the market. It comes as standard with a 3/2 year on frame and small parts 1 year which isn’t the worst, but most certainly not the best! Commercially it is built to stand up to some serious play time, but unfortunately is not designed to last a lifetime. The good news is price point is strong at $1495 + gst, you will struggle to find a similar beast adding this much value to your gym floor!


Octane Airdyne X:

The Octane Airdyne X - After years of research using science and multiple test subjects (rip). NASA has finally released the infamous Octane Airdyne X (the X stands for eXcellent). The Octane Airdyne X was designed for the “space cowboy of the fitness industry", the #hostesswiththemostest, the gym bunny who wants to hop the highest, the Octane Airdyne X IS fitness!!! Let’s start at the console, its massive and looks neat! Like the Assault Airbike it includes your standard readout's, ant+, PLUS a tachometer – Make sure you chat to Brett on this, we are pretty sure he had one mounted on dash of his Mini Cooper  back in the day! The seat is plush, and has a sexy orange stitching which says “hey, I know I’m meant to blend in to the primary colour, but I don’t care – people need to know I’m here, and I’m here to stay". Full adjustability in the sexy seat which for whatever reason seems to glide into place with minimal effort. The cranks are bigger and better than the Assault Airbike but we are not so sure about the silver pedals.. I’m sure they will grow on us! Also included is cushioned Multi Grip handlebars and Drive train is belt drive (NICE)... This means smoother performance for your members and even less maintenance for you which is A++ in our books. Onto the fan, 26 blades, sexy orange has made an appearance once again which we now love! Fan operation is pretty sweet, not so noisy, smoother feeling of inertia when increasing speed/intensity, no back lash in face due to fan protection from oversized console. 10/10. Onto your warranty, what are you protected for and for how long are you protected? Answer – 10 years full commercial warranty on frame, 3 year commercial warranty on parts and six months commercial warranty on labour. That’s all well and good but what’s the price??! A good price for the Octane Airdyne X (the X stands for eXcellent) is $1895 inc GST, not bad considering the upgrade in specs and longer warranty.

Overall we see both the Octane Airdyne X and Assault Fitness Airbike to be premium commercial products and are both currently in hot demand. Have a chat to your Blue Fitness Good Guy about what Air Bike is right for your club!


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