Specialist Cardio

Blue Fitness is the exclusive distributor of Woodway, Jacobs Ladder and Ropeflex in New Zealand. 

Jacobs Ladder is an innovative climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorised continuous treadmill. It’s self-paced, so the faster you go, the faster it goes. Jacobs Ladder is preferred by pro football teams, the FBI, the Army, the Navy, West Point and numerous Division I universities to improve their strength and conditioning programs.

Woodway Treadmills are specifically requested by competitive sports teams, medical and rehabilitation facilities, and high-usage fitness facilities worldwide because of their patented design that provides a superior running surface for users and long lasting efficiency for owners and operators.

Ropeflex® machines deliver the benefits of both isokinetic and aerobic exercise. Our rope-pulling machines are based on simple, time-proven principles of rope climbing while reducing the risk of this traditionally dangerous activity to nearly zero.