Jacobs Ladder is designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals that are interested in taking their cardiovascular fitness to a new level. Its unique design offers a high intensity, low impact workout for both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Studies show Jacobs Ladder cardio machines offer a higher calorie burn with a lower level of perceived exertion making it “easier to work harder on” than any other piece of gym equipment that you own.

How does the Jacobs Ladder work? The Jacobs Ladder consists of the main climbing unit and a console that measures feet per minute, elapsed time and distance covered. There is also a brake cable and adjustable belt which adjusts to the users height aligning them with the “sweet spot” of the ladder. Staying toward the bottom of the ladder keeps the brake applied and the climbing rotation slow. As the user climbs to a higher level of the ladder, the belt and cable engage the brake releasing it more and more increasing the speed.

  • Provides a low impact full body workout that is easy on the joints
  • Self-powered. No need to plug in
  • Puts user on a 40 degree angle which puts spine in a more neutral position, takes stress off the lower back and also helps to engage the core muscles
  • Provides two limb or four limb cardio depending on if user holds the rails
  • Provides aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Console readouts includes rate of feet per minute (speed), elapsed time, distance covered
  • Belt is adjustable by height to properly adjust the amount of tension on the brake which determines the speed of the rungs
  • Includes transport wheels
  • Used in athletic training, aerobic workouts, rehabilitation and in military training


  • Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 79 cm W x 194 cm L x 167 cm H
  • Product Weight: 148 Kg
  • Rungs: Solid Maple
  • Case: ABS/Polyethylene
  • Power: Self-Powered
  • Ceiling Height Requirement: 230 cm
  • Digital Readouts: Elapsed Time, Feet Climbed, Rate (Feet/Min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (using chest strap)