TANK™ M4 Push Sled

TANK™ M4 Push Sled

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The all-new TANK™ M4 is the evolution of the All Surface Sled category. With all of the same great features of our original TANK™ M2 weight sled, plus the addition of some new ones, the M4 is ready to hit training centers around the world.

New features for the M4:

  • Double braking system that allows different resistance levels to be set depending on which side of the TANK you're pushing or pulling from.
  • No need for additional weight to be added to the sled due to the double brakes.
  • Accessory tray in the middle for storage.
  • Performance Handles come standard.
  • Weight horns have been made into an optional accessory for more serious performance athletes who wish to use the TANK for intense towing exercises.

Just like the original TANK™ M2, the sleds tires allow it to be used on any surface without fear of damage or noise.


  • Dual Variable Resistance Brakes
  • No need for additional weight
  • Performance Handles Included
  • Built-in Accessory Tray
  • Patented Technology

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