The Ultimate Core Bundle

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This is the Ultimate core set that you have been waiting for. Including both a Les Mills SMARTBAR & weight set and the TRX® HOME 2 Suspension Trainer Kit, this functional training bundle guarantees a full body workout.

The Bar and weight Workout Bundle features the SMARTBAR™ and Generation 2 weights system. So you activate your muscles how they're supposed to - giving you faster results from squats, rows and when using Les Mills on Demand classes.

1.0 KG weight plates (x2)
2.5 KG weight plates (x2)
5.0 KG weight plates (x2)

The TRX HOME2 SYSTEM is a best seller and is perfect for anyone, whether you're just starting your fitness journey or trying to take your workouts to the next level.

With adjustable foot cradles and your own bodyweight, this personalized system will help you build lean muscle with a total-body workout or yoga practice, whether at home or as little as 15 minutes per day.

This product includes a TRX® 6 year warranty.