With the recent surge in high-intensity interval training and an emphasis on recovery as a part of health and wellness, it’s more important than ever to provide your members with the right tools.

What Is a HydroMassage Bed?

A HydroMassage bed differs from what you might think of as traditional massage therapy. Instead of a traditional massage performed by a therapist, the HydroMassage bed uses jets of warm, pressurized water to target particular areas of the body. That water pressure is the “hydro” part of HydroMassage. However, the water is contained inside the bed itself, so it’s still a dry massage!

You can use the HydroMassage bed fully clothed and control which areas of your body you’d like to target with a touch-screen interface. You can also use pre-programmed settings on the bed or adjust your settings as needed during your massage.

Reasons to add Hydromassage to your Fitness facility:

  • Increase close rates on club tours
  • Attract new members
  • Boost sales of premium packages
  • Add exclusivity to club member benefits
  • Prioritize post-workout recovery
  • Charge ahead of the competition
  • Offer a la carte membership upgrades
  • Increase member retention

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