Taupo Fitness Centre - Commercial Installation

When it comes to Fitness equipment, Blue Fitness has been the premium supplier and exclusive distributor of over 20 of the world’s best fitness brands since 2002.

So, when the Fitness Studio at the Taupō Events Centre was in need of an upgrade, our team knew we could help.

The Taupo Events Centre gym is a partially manned fitness facility with a wide range of cardio and resistance equipment. Their aim is to create an environment that is safe, welcoming and enjoyable for all members and visitors.

Their spacious and modern studio is well equipped and designed to help its member work towards their individual fitness goals.

As the gym caters for all levels of fitness, it was important for our team to make sure that the right equipment was offered and discussed to meet the needs of their clients.

From initial concept discussions to final products, the Fitness centre chose a full range of Precor cardio, including treadmills, cross trainers, upright and recumbent bikes.

For members who are looking for a more intense workout including HIIT, the addition of the Torque Fitness Stealth Air bike provides just that:

➡️This air bike provides a low-impact full-body workout so that it can be used by all members.
➡️ Regular training improves muscle strength and endurance.
➡️It’s perfect for resistance training and can be a really beneficial tool for people undergoing rehabilitation and therapy.
➡️An air bike is an excellent piece of equipment for burning calories and reaching peak performance.


As the facility caters for all ranges of fitness, the addition of the Stairmaster UBE from Core Health and Fitness helps members who are working through rehab with any shoulder injuries.

An amazing feature of this machine is whether used in a rehabilitation setting or high-performance fitness center, the StairMaster HIIT UBE adjustable tower, convertible crank arms and comfortable grips lets it's users tailor the workout with the right range of motion for their shoulders, back, wrists, and elbows.

Ready to upgrade your facility?

Our goal is to deliver commercial-grade equipment ensuring performance for each of the clients that we work with. With the equipment invested in by Taupo Events Centre, we successfully reached that goal successfully.

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