Treadmills & Woodway

Blue Fitness is the exclusive distributor of Precor, Star Trac and Woodway Treadmill’s in New Zealand. Each brand brings its own flavor to the table which ensures we can help our customers get the perfect fit for your gym, school or university, sports club or home.

Both Star Trac and Precor are market leaders in high end cardio equipment. Star Trac’s dedication to innovation has led them to search for new ways to offer the best user experience possible, and nowhere is the effort more evident than in their 8 series cardio.

The 800 Line is the most well-appointed cardio equipment that Precor offers, with features that support the Precor reputation for reliable performance, ease of care, and service. In addition to patented designs that deliver our iconic smooth feel.

Woodway’s patented curve technology (the exact curve of the Woodway is scientifically proven to enhance running posture, technique and efficiency), promotes correct postural alignment through the spine, hips and pelvis, making it almost impossible to run on the curve with incorrect technique.

The motorless treadmill can stop and start instantly meaning a runner can hit a top sprint speed within seconds and slow the treadmill in the same manner - much like running on the ground, making it perfect for athletes training at home, small group training, competitive sports teams, and medical rehabilitation and high use facilities.