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BODY BIKE has made the world-first indoor cycling bike that’s built using recycled plastic from commercial fishing nets. The new bike, OceanIX, is a BODY BIKE SMART+. It comes with all the functionality you’d expect from a SMART+ model. The OceanIX comes in just one distinctive color: ocean blue.

BODY BIKE SMART®+ combines state-of-the-art technology with functional design providing both the cyclist, the service team and the club owner with a superior indoor bike.

It features a revolutionary innovation: SMART Charge. With every pedal stroke you create power. And the harder you pedal the more power you produce. Power to recharge your mind, power to recharge your body, and power to charge your phone.

BODY BIKE SMART®+ is equipped with a generator ensuring a battery-free, eco-friendly and self-sustaining workout. The power generated by the user allows for data transfer via ANT+ and Bluetooth®, and it supports SMART Charge. Bring a USB cable, plug it in and start pedalling. Download the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app from Google Play or Appstore to get your data displayed right in front of you.

  • Data display on your phone
  • Colour Intensity Zones
  • Workout History
  • Stava Upload
  • Integrated Tests

It is optimised in terms of design, functionality, ergonomy and stability. It is the perfect indoor bike for every cycling studio wanting to invest in high quality with low maintenance as an added bonus. It is THE bike for high intensity interval training due to the sturdiness of the construction. The immense load that the indoor bike is exposed to during this form of training takes a toll on crank hub and pedal arms, but the patented crank hub and the unbreakable pedal arms can easily withstand the strain.

  • The SMART Release adjustments offer the indoor cyclist the possibility of adjusting his/her position from the saddle.
  • The side covers protect the cyclist from the rotating flywheel
  • The 4-point magnetic service hatches provide easy service access
  • The unisex SMART saddle is designed with comfort in mind

Full instruction manual can be found here 

Understanding your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

This is the number of wattage a rider can maintain, resulting in an average for an hour.
Attached here is the FTP guide based off Age, Weight, Gender and how many cycling hours per week. It is a great way to set a mark for beginners in to cycling data. Check it out here!