After 30 years of innovation, Hydromassage have developed the most comfortable, durable lounge yet: the HydroMassage Lounge 440X. The newest addition to the collection provides a smoother, more focused massage than previous models as well as upgraded features to maximize your experience. 

Sleek, Modern Exterior - With a premium Obsidian Black and Atomic Silver finish and fully customizable LED lighting, the Lounge 440X will complement any existing branding at your business.

Superior Massage - User satisfaction is the top priority with the new Lounge 440X. With 7" (18cm) more massage coverage and a smoother, more focused massage, the newest HydroMassage product does not disappoint.

Intuitive Experience - Accessibility for on-screen features and entertainment options during the massage—including welcome screens—make the Lounge 440X our most immersive and intuitive experience yet.


Massage Experience
Engineered for maximum performance with a smoother, more-focused massage and 7” (18cm) more massage coverage.
User Comfort
Ergonomic design maximizes user relaxation in the ideal seating position throughout the massage.
40% Less Water
Redesigned to operate with only 12 gallons (45L) of water, compared to 20+ gallons (76L)in previous models.
Life Tested
The frame and tank design has been life tested with a 300-pound (136kg) test dummy for more than one million massage cycles, simulating 50+ years of usage without any impact to structural integrity.
User Analytics
New touchscreen reporting platform provides various analytical reports providing insight into usage data and massage setting preferences.
Smart Innovation
A wide range of other mechanical improvements has increased performance and durability in the newest model.


  • Tested and approved to UL/CSA/CE safety standards by ETL
  • Dimensions: 91” L (231cm) x 32” W (81 cm) x 43” H (117cm)
  • Weight: 285 lbs (130 kg) without water; 385 lbs (175kg) with 12 gals (45L) of distilled water
  • Waterproof/fluidproof user surface

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