• ULTIMATE WORKOUT STEP: Classic Reebok step platform used for highly effective cardio workouts in home gyms, health clubs, or studios
  • MANY EXERCISE OPTIONS: Fit for cardio, strength, and core workouts including HIITs, aerobics, and more generalized workout session
  • BETTER GRIP: Multi-textured surface provides better-targeted grip and superior cushioned comfort including target zones as reference points
  • ADJUSTABLE: Featuring 3 adjustable 'click and lock' height settings to tailor intensity of workout to your preferred fitness level
  • ROBUST SUPPORT: Lightweight and easy to store, yet robust enough to support 150kg of user weight; Includes slip-resistant rubber feet


Take your fitness regimen to the next level. Add one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment to your workout with the Reebok Fitness Workout Step. Ideal for home and class workouts alike, the revolutionary step platform is for cardio, strength, and core workouts, offering endless exercise options. This step's functional design is fit for HIITs, aerobics, as well as more generalized workouts. To get started, you'll even have free access to Reebok's online fitness classes. Designed with a multi-textured surface, this platform provides a better-targeted grip and superior cushioning comfort. Included target zones provide reference points for better form and sharper transitions, while ribbed side panels deliver maximum traction. With 3 adjustable height settings, this base tailors to your preferred intensity level. This step is lightweight and easy to store, yet robust enough to support the toughest workouts. The 8 slip-resistant rubber feet help absorb impact for ultimate platform stability. This step is ideal for crafting highly effective workouts in both home gyms or health clubs. Step up your fitness game with the Multipurpose Aerobic and Strength Training Workout Step from Reebok.