The 10 x 4 foot Monkey Bar Cable X-RACK – X1 Package is a two station piece of cable gym equipment with monkey bars, a lifting rack, and two cable weight machines. The XCCS cable columns each have double swivel pulleys to accommodate full body movements for up to two athletes or to be used as a dual adjustable pulley station for one.

This specialized fitness tool was designed with space efficiency in mind— perfect to fit into a tight gym floor layout.

Included in X1 Package:

  • 2 Olympic Lifting Stations
  • 2 Ball Targets
  • 2 Ground Rotational Trainers
  • Triple Play - Weight Storage, Bar Storage and Battle Rope Anchor
  • 10' of Monkey Bars
  • 2 XCCS Cable Component Stations

X-RACKs can be customized to meet your needs with various pull-up, training station and storage options. Contact us for any custom requests.

The X-RACK is required to be secured to the floor.


  • 2 Olympic stations
  • Cable exercise equipment
  • 10 feet of monkey bars
  • Ball targets