Watt Bike Pro

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The Wattbike Pro is the best selling model in New Zealand. It has a resistance range of 0-3,760 WattsPro Bike 1 and broadly has five endurance levels (Air Brake 1-5) and five sprint levels (Air Brake 6-10). The magnetic brake extends the resistance range and is useful for specific training of top sprinters or short burst power-based sports.


  • Wattbike Pro
  • Bluetooth, ANT enabled monitor with latest firmware
  • Wattbike tool kit
  • Data cable to connect to lap top
  • User manual
  • Road shoe and Mountain Bike shoe attachments
  • Three way pedal
  • Comfort saddle
  • Standard length handlebar and saddle stems
  • Two year warranty

If you are a track sprinter the Pro is definitely the bike for you. It is also ideal for Category 4 (male) and Category 2 (female) endurance cyclists and triathletes. At this level the Wattbike Pro offers the right combination of cadence and resistance range needed for effective training.

It's also the model used by other athletes in Kiwi sporting codes like rugby, netball, rowing, track and field, sailing, motorsport, BMX, multi-sport as well as being the most popular model for general gymnasium and home applications.

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