Everything you need to know about your Watt Bike!

Watt Bike Pro

Your Watt Bike Set up - all you need to know.

The Watt Bike is an indoor bike not just for cyclists, but an indoor bike that can be used across a vast array of sporting codes for strength and fitness conditioning, testing and rehabilitation.

After purchasing this bike, there are a few steps which will help you really utilise all the benefits of this, which you will find throughout this blog.

Woman riding the Watt Bike Atom

Step 1:

Your Bike Assembly: In the link below this will show you how to easily put your bike together - How To Build Your Wattbike Pro or Trainer - YouTube 

pedal of the Watt Bike pro

Step 2:

How to attach the pedals: Get all the information regarding attaching your pedals here - 1 September 2021 - YouTube 

We want you to get the most out of your bike as possible so below is where you can find the training support and performance test information:

Training Support: https://wattbike.com/nz/training-plans  

Performance Tests : https://wattbike.com/nz/performance-tests


How to connect to the Wattbike Hub App: Pairing the Wattbike Hub app to a Wattbike Pro or Trainer - Bing video

You can also link to Zwift - an online cycling world where you can ride with other like-minded athletes from around the world.  There is a nominal monthly charge and you can connect the monitor to a smart phone or tablet http://zwift.com/

How to connect to Zwift: Pairing a Wattbike Pro with Zwift - Bing video

 Another great app that you can link to for amazing cycling workouts is Sufferfest : https://thesufferfest.com/

If you haven't purchased your bike yet and have questions we are now stocking the Watt Bike Pro, so for more information click here and speak to our team now!