Is the Woodway treadmill worth it?

Is the Woodway treadmill worth it?

Why a Woodway treadmill? Are Woodway treadmills worth it? Are Woodway treadmills good? Why are Woodway treadmills better?

These are the most popular questions asked about Woodway treadmills and they are all very relevant when making the tough decision about what equipment will work best for you. Through this article, I will be doing my best to answer all these pressing questions for you.

Man running on a woodway curved treadmill

Let’s start from the beginning. What is a Woodway curved treadmill? A curved treadmill is a non-motorized, concave piece of equipment that allows users to walk and run on it with each foot strike propelling the belt behind.

The system is designed to exploit the vertical and horizontal contours, pulling the belt down and back from the walking or running stride, therefore removing the need for an electric motor.

One of it’s USP’s is the Woodway treadmill has replaced the traditional machine as a high-performance alternative. It has been crafted to work the way that our body naturally moves when running outdoors. On top of that, Woodway claims its self-powered running machine burns 30% more calories – we all love burning extra calories during a workout, right?

Effectively, this is an excellent way to get a fat-scorching workout in double the time! – WIN!


Woodway treadmill close up on the slats to show the ergonomics

A few benefits of the Woodway curve include:

Smaller impact on joints – As the surface of a Woodway is comprised of shock-absorbing slats to lessen the impact of hitting the surface and prevent injury, unlike traditional treadmills which can cause injury due to the heavy impact on your joints. This will give you a lot more vigor to train more effectively – especially on an incline.

There is the option to go barefoot. By going barefoot, you can enable more natural movements. On a regular treadmill you would not be able to, but Woodway treadmill replaces the belts with slats that welcome bare feet without the burning.

The running belt is almost frictionless, so it moves according to how fast you’re running. To speed up, you just run faster, with your feet landing further forwards on the upward curve of the belt.

It also makes the machine far more responsive than a regular treadmill, so you can go all out on your sprints, rather than trying to guess what your top speed will be and setting it on a motorised treadmill.


Man running on a woodway curve treadmill

Overall, the Woodway treadmills is fantastic if you are looking for a HIIT based workout that is also great for the environment due to the fact it runs based on the users mobility alone.

They are expensive, in fact quite expensive but when it comes to repairs, as the Woodway has fewer moving parts, it is a much superior option and less likely to cause the headache of calling someone to come and repair it. They also are very long lasting and generally outperform other brands due to their slats which are excellent shock absorbers and extremely durable.

So, here is the burning questions - should you invest? 100%. These are brilliant engineered and deliver fantastic results while being easy to maintain.

Here at Blue Fitness, we are a preferred supplier for Woodway treadmills so if you are planning to add this to your gym or space at home, please let us know so the team can guide you through all your questions.