The health and fitness world is evolving rapidly with the development of technology and calculated innovation. A genuine interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle and a love for cycling launched the start of BODY BIKE® back in the late 1990's.

BODY BIKE®’s world is revolving around indoor bikes. Bikes are what they do. Nothing else...

Excelling in developing, designing and producing the world’s best indoor bikes, we are thrilled to be able to now supply these to our New Zealand consumers.

The BODY BIKE SMART®+  combines state-of-the-art technology with functional design providing a superior indoor bike for both the cyclist, the service team and the if using this in the gym - the club owner. 

With every pedal stroke you create power. And the harder you pedal the more power you produce. Power to recharge your mind, power to recharge your body, and even power to charge your phone. With the smart model, the team have developed an app which enables you to display your training data on your smartphone as you work out and save it in the app's workout history. There is also the optional connection to Strava.

Bodybike black smart+ on a white background

The BODY BIKE SUPREME® - the ultimate indoor bike. All vital parts are in stainless steel, completely eliminating problems such as rust and deterioration. The Supreme comes in a wide variety of colours. In black and grey it elegantly and discreetly fits into any environment without disturbing the eye, but overall is perfect for any indoor workout.Body Bike Supreme in black on a white background

The BODY BIKE Element Spin Bike is a timeless indoor bike combining simplicity and elegance with functionality and first class quality.
''A strong wish to create the ultimate indoor cycle combined with years of hard work lie behind BODY BIKE Element'' - BODYBIKE.

This model has a powder coated steel frame which makes it the perfect choice for fitness centres with a demanding schedule or for the home user on a budget but still wanting that commercial quality. With unique features such as protective covers, enclosed crank and flywheel, Kevlar® lubrication free brake and high quality bearings. BODY BIKE® ELEMENT is built to last.

Bodybike element on white background

One of BODY BIKE®'s most exciting recent developments has to be the launch of their Body Bike OceanIX.

There is no denying it, the planet is in crisis. However, in response to the global crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans, BODY BIKE® has announced a world-first - an indoor cycling bike that’s built using recycled plastic from commercial fishing nets. Read more here

oceanix bodybike. Bike with the ocean behind it


Here at Blue Fitness we now have this range in stock for the BODY BIKE SMART®+ , as well as the  BODY BIKE SUPREME® and the BODY BIKE® ELEMENT.

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