Should I invest in an indoor spin bike?

Should I invest in an indoor spin bike?

With lockdowns and closure of gyms across the World since the Covid pandemic began it's only natural that so many new at-home stationary bikes have been staking their claim on the market.

Simply put, it’s easy to understand why. With just 1 piece of equipment, you can reap ALL of these incredible benefits:

  • Improved metabolism!
  • Full-body workout!
  • Working major muscles!
  • Workout tracking!
  • Lots of calories burned!
  • Energy boost!

What muscles will I use in indoor cycling?

As mentioned above, indoor cycling is a full body workout and can work all of the major muscle groups. In fact, there are seven areas you will work while you are using an indoor cycle.

Woman using a Spinning bike at home

Upper body. You will use your upper body for support while on the bike. After you build confidence, you can also use dumbbells and resistance band while cycling.

Core.  You utilise your core to stabilize your body while cyclin which helps to achieve overall balance even when not using the bike.

Glutes. You will be able to feel this as you pedal, especially when you stand on the bike for those inclines or increase the resistance during your workout.

Back. While on the bike it is important to maintain a strong stable spine, as this will help to strengthen your back muscles.

Hamstrings.  You will stabilise your joints as cycling helps to strengthen and loosen your hamstrings, while lifting the pedal on each stroke.

Lower legs. You’ll work your calves with each cycle, which helps to protect your ankles and feet while cycling and during everyday activities.

Quadriceps. As you climb hills on the incline your quadriceps will be the main muscles used. This can result in strong, toned legs.

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What about calories?

From a recent Spinning article it was published that Spinning®  has the ‘’highest caloric burn returns of any workout you can do. In the study Heart Rate Response and Calories Burned in a Spinning® Workout, subjects burned between 7.2 to 13.6 calories per minute. Total calories burned during a 40-minute Spinning® workout ranged from 467 to 617 calories.’’ – WOW, right?

Will cycling improve my mental health?

In layman’s terms. Yes.

Crank on some of your favourite music, get a sweat on and pedal all your stress away. This will free your mind from to-do lists, mental loops, and anything else taking up brain space. After giving your mind a break, the chances of you feeling revitalised and energised are incredibly high!

On top of this, by physically pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits and seeing what you are capable of, will enhance confidence, clear your mind, and bring on a greater sense of wellbeing.

After several months of consistently hopping on the bike, you probably feel like a pro. Keep doing your thing and notice the amazing health benefits both physically and mentally.

Watt Bike pro at home

Thinking of investing in an indoor spin bike?

Here at Blue Fitness, we have a variety of commercial grade Spin Bikes ready for you to get started on your ‘work out from home’ fitness session.