Dislike treadmills? Let me change your mind!

Dislike treadmills? Let me change your mind!
Raise your hand if you do not like running on a treadmill? Don't worry, you are in great company. If you are anything me, Ally, the Sales and Marketing guru here at Blue Fitness then I feel your pain.

I generally hate running and for me, I have always found treadmill running to be be monotonous and a bit mind numbing. Don’t get me wrong, I love sport and exercise, however, I have always had love/hate relationship with the treadmill.

The good news is - it can all change - I promise! And even better, I have some tips!

For new runners wanting to get started on their fitness journey and now found love of treadmills, I would recommend:

  • Find a great app and use this to track your progress or make the run more enjoyable!
  • Do more than just run - You have the option to walk, power walk, sprint and use interval training – so try and mix it up to keep things interesting.
  • Be consistent and start small. Try just 5 mins a day, but make sure you do this everyday. It takes 21 days to form a new habit so anything less than 21 days, generally your brain and body will struggle to form a pattern. 
  • Give your brain a workout – with Spotify supplying us with millions of music and podcasts, get your favourite ready to stream, learn something new, or just blast your go to playlist and get motivated!
  • Lastly, which can sometimes be my go to - Watch a great show! When I say great, I mean something short and funny. My go to right now is Schitt’s Creek. It’s hilarious and I am so engrossed in it, I forget I am even exercising. What a win!
woman running on a treadmill

If these tips are not getting you in the mood to jump on the treadmill and start your fitness journey then just think of all the amazing benefits. A few of my 'whys' are:

  • Running builds muscle - The more you run the more the muscles in your legs will build up. Therefore, the more you run the stronger your leg muscles will get. Running can even build up your arm muscles simply due to the fact that you swing them while you run.
  • Improved Joint Flexibility - Increased joint flexibility can combat degenerative bone diseases, arthritis, and other conditions which limit flexibility. Running on a treadmill on a regular basis will reduce the risk of getting conditions which limit flexibility and mobility.
  • Mental Health and Motivation – This is a biggie! Like all exercise, running on a treadmill can really help your brain function better, become healthier, and make you feel much happier. Running creates endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Therefore, running on a treadmill at home can directly contribute to the relief of depression and anxiety.

Benefits of exercise on the brain

Have I persuaded you yet?

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Connect with us now with any questions, and who knows, maybe indoor running is exactly what you need!