TRX and YBell – A match made in heaven!

TRX and YBell – A match made in heaven!

If you have been keeping up to date with the news recently, you will have witnessed a new era of functional fitness, where innovation meets versatility, as TRX acquired YBell.

In recent times, the fitness industry has witnessed remarkable advancements in workout equipment, each designed to push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. Among these groundbreaking innovations are TRX and YBell, two revolutionary exercise tools that have taken the fitness world by storm.

Let’s start with TRX & its mission to revolutionise suspension training!

TRX, or Total Resistance Exercise, has redefined the way we approach strength training and bodyweight exercises. Developed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, this simple yet ingenious piece of equipment utilises adjustable straps and handles to leverage gravity and body weight, allowing for a full-body workout that engages muscles, stabilisers, and core like never before.

TRX exercises not only build strength and flexibility but also enhance balance and coordination, making it a favourite among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and professional trainers alike.

Then you have the YBell. YBell -is a fusion of functionality. It’s the brainchild of fitness expert Aaron Laurence, is a hybrid fitness tool that combines the functionality of a kettlebell, dumbbell, and medicine ball into one compact design.

With its unique shape and multiple grip options, YBell allows users to perform an extensive array of movements and exercises that target different muscle groups in creative and effective ways. From dynamic strength training to high-intensity cardio workouts, YBell's versatility makes it an indispensable asset in any fitness routine.

A few benefits of using TRX in your workouts:

  • TRX enables users to perform a wide range of exercises targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously, ensuring an efficient and effective workout
  • Portability: TRX is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for home use, travel, or outdoor workouts.
  • Versatility: TRX exercises can be adapted to suit various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.
  • Low impact: TRX workouts are gentle on joints, reducing the risk of injuries.

Benefits of YBell:

  • It’s All-in-one design. YBell's seamless integration of various workout tools streamlines your exercise space and eliminates the need for multiple equipment pieces.
  • Ergonomic grip: The YBell's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure grip during workouts, reducing strain on wrists and joints.
  • Efficient calorie burner! YBell's dynamic exercises can elevate heart rate and promote fat loss while simultaneously building strength and muscular endurance.
  • Time-saving: YBell's swift transitions between exercises allow for efficient circuit-style workouts, maximizing the use of your workout time.

So what’s so exciting about this merge?

Overall, it’s created the perfect Fitness Union. By combining the innovation and efficiency of TRX with the versatility and functionality of YBell, you create an unparalleled fitness experience that targets every aspect of physical fitness. By integrating TRX exercises with YBell's multiple grip options and added resistance, individuals can take their workouts to new heights, challenging their bodies in fresh and exciting ways.

The merging of TRX and YBell marks an extraordinary milestone in the realm of functional fitness, providing fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and athletes with an unparalleled opportunity to redefine their workout routines.

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Get ready to redefine your fitness journey!