Z & X bikes - setting the standard for group cycling experiences!

Schwinn X and Z bikes

Core Health & Fitness, an industry leader in commercial fitness products, has recently launched their new product and it is one not to be missed: the Schwinn X and Z Indoor cycling Bikes.

With a mission to ‘Ride as one’ Schwinn has continued to evolve and set the standard for group cycling experiences. Their inclusive approach to creating a community for beginners and experienced riders alike invites everyone to join the pack and get fitter together.

Z and X shwinn bikes

These new bikes take this perspective to the next level by simplifying user experience while simultaneously expanding instructor possibilities.

The Schwinn X and Z bikes were designed with authenticity and inspiration in mind. These bikes give instructors the freedom to create tailored classes that make their vision come to life while delivering the authenticity riders demand.

“This bike is a gamechanger,” said Lou Atkinson, Schwinn lead master instructor.

“It brings so many new opportunities to connect with your members - every club, every coach and every rider will be blown away by what it can do for them. There are so many reasons to love the Z bike from the sleek design, neon lights and connectivity to the flexibility and number of coaching tools the bike provides.”

The Z Bike is available in two drive train feels:

ZS: Where Passion Meets Metrics

The smooth feeling of the Poly V allows members to fly through their workout to the sound of your instructor's encouragement and the beat of the music.

ZA: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

This bike was created with the goal-setter in mind. The Carbon belt provides the outdoor-feel that your members crave.

Schwinn Z bike

Whereas the X BIKE is a little different.

The X Bikes offer a tech-free experience ideal for music-focused group cycling studios, as well as multi-unit housing and hospitality fitness centers that do not offer guided classes. With optional 4iiii powermeter, members and guests can bring their phone or personal fitness device to track and store their personal data.

The X Bike is available in two drive train feels:

XS: Lights, Music, Action!

This bike was built so instructors can let their vision come to life, setting their creative side free! The smooth feel of the Poly V keeps it quiet and allows the instructor playlist to set the vibe.

XA: Let the Landscape Fly

Forget your worries at the door and get lost in the ride. The Carbon belt delivers the authentic outdoor feel that members demand for a ride as challenging as your instructors can imagine.

schwinn x bike

With the introduction of these 2 bikes, you can choose between a competitive class with Zone Training (Z Bike) or a captivating class based on the Experience (X Bike). These are both built for optimum performance.

“We went to some of the best indoor cycling coaches in the world – the Schwinn Master Instructor Team – and asked them if they could create the ultimate bike for instructors and riders, what features would it have and why? The X and Z Bikes are the result of that collaboration,” said Becky Muck, global education manager at Core Health & Fitness.

For more information on these new bikes or other Schwinn products please connect with our team here as we would be more than happy to assist.