Eleiko Öppen Bar

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  • Open, accessible design
  • Two handle heights
  • Built-in loading jack
  • Bar balanced while lifting

The award-winning patented Eleiko Öppen Bar now comes standard with two handle heights making lifting more adaptable and accessible. The Öppen Bar — an open-sided trap bar — is designed for lifting ease, delivering a wide range of lifting and training possibilities from deadlifts to rows, presses, lunges and more. The integrated rubber-footed loading jack allows you to load and unload plates without lifting the bar, while also keeping the bar balanced while lifting.

Accessible Lifting - The open design, neutral handle position, two handle heights with grip markings make deadlifting less technique intensive, easier to perform and accessible to more lifters.
Chromed Sleeves - Durable 320 mm chromed sleeves strike the right balance between loading capacity and space efficiency, and the 50 mm diameter is compatible with all standard weight plates.
Quality Construction - Made in our Halmstad, Sweden facility, the bar is crafted with quality materials and built for long-lasting performance.
Rack and Platform Compatible - Designed to work with racks and platforms, the bar is rackable and the width ensures plates stay in the platform drop zone.
Training Possibilities - The open design supports a variety of exercises including lunges, carries, rows and more.