Torque’s 4’ wall-mounted pull-up station provides a single-user pull-up bar to build strength or an anchoring station for two TRX Suspension training users. 


  • Anchors are placed at the sides so straps can be attached permanently without interfering with pull-up bar users
  • Wall modification to accommodate unit attachment is not included
  • The system can be scaled longer for additional users
  • An optional crossbar enables Stability Ball storage above the rack without  interfering with pull-up bar users


  • DIMENSIONS 48 x 24 x 6 in
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 50.8” x 34.1” x 35” (129 cm x 87 cm x 88 cm)
  • WARRANTY 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts and finish.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT 375 LB (170 KG)