YBell Pro Series

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Built for fitness enthusiasts and elite lifters, the YBell Pro Series comes in 31 lb/14 kg, 35 lb/16 kg, 39 lb/18 kg, and 44 lb/20 kg.

These highly durable units are designed for HIIT, HIRT, and intense workouts in home or commercial settings.

The YBell Pros are made of a heavy-duty, cast-iron frame and feature customized high-elasticity powder coating and a special finish for grip comfort and security.

Like all YBells, the Pro Series also is portable, simple to store, and suitable for training sessions inside or outside.

The YBell combines a kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip medicine ball, and push-up stand in a single piece of equipment.

It has been carefully designed by experts in fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible for everybody.

The Pro Series has the same YBell ® design and ingenuity, but is powder coated with debossed printing and color coordinated to each weight, similar to the Neo Series.

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● 31 lb | 14 kg

● 35.5 lb | 16 kg

● 40 lb | 18 kg

● 44 lb | 20 kg