New Product - The Watt Bike

New Product - The Watt Bike


Inspired by a lifetime of elite sport. Passionate about performance. Creating what others thought was impossible – meet the WATT BIKE.

Woman riding the Watt Bike Atom

The Watt Bike is an indoor bike not just for cyclists, but an indoor bike that can be used across a vast array of sporting codes for strength and fitness conditioning, testing and rehabilitation.

It replicates the smooth feel of the road and measures your performance with precise, intelligent data.

pedal of the Watt Bike pro

Delivering accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback used by World and Olympic Champions globally, it is also equally suitable for use in health clubs, gyms, performance centres, spin studios or for cross training in any sport.

Quite simply - it's the choice of champions and those that want the very best.

The Wattbike is a fantastic way to make a world of difference to your training and fitness. With the ability to create almost any workout, save it as a favourite, review you progress or undertake one or more of its portfolio of pre-set tests to chart your progress (including V02 max), it's the perfect partner.

Recovering from injury or an operation? The Wattbike is simply perfect to help you understand how your left leg or right leg is progressing, or to maintain a high level of fitness if you are carrying an upper body injury.

More than 65% of the body’s muscle mass resides in the lower body. By design, the leg muscles are the strongest muscle group; they burn more fat than any other part of the body, and support our core explosive strength. The Wattbike is the leading indoor cycling machine but is also the most efficient fitness and fat loss cardio machine. Its a perfect ally in your weight management programme.

"I’ve seen nothing short of a phenomenal impact upon the fat loss and increased muscle mass of my clients. Indeed, never has a single machine affected my own physique so positively with such an increase in fitness levels, and such a marked improvement in my body composition. It provides the ultimate partner to HIIT and FATMax Cardio training and delivers results much more quickly than other cardio machines”. - Scott Alexander

We are now stocking the Watt Bike Pro, so for more information click here and speak to our team now!