Not sure whether to invest in YBell? Read this!

Not sure whether to invest in YBell? Read this!

You may have heard of YBell but based on our recent poll on Instagram a whopping 56% of our followers had ZERO idea.

So I thought we better start right from the very beginning before we deep dive into why YBells are revolutionary in the Fitness space.

Let's start, what is a YBell?

YBell is a four-in-one piece of fitness equipment that grants a ton of variety to all, no matter what the goal of the workout is. YBell is an intricately designed tool that combines a kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up stand all in one.

By simply changing your grip, you’re changing the weight distribution and the type of tool you’re using it as. Not only that, when you combine two YBells, it opens up a whole new category of fitness and athleticism. The impressively designed YBell has a lot to offer.



Are there cheaper options?

Of course. There are always cheaper options...but are they always better? More often than not, no. Over the past few years, home workouts have built up a reputation for being a budget-friendly way to build strength, power, and confidence.

In theory this is true. There are definitely cheap options for sets of free weights. However, if you're trying to replicate the in-gym experience with all the bells and whistles — dumbbells, kettlebells, cable machines, squat racks, you name it — the price of equipping a home gym skyrockets really quickly.


If you were looking for high-quality equipment that will last for several years and be used often, the up-front cost of the equipment is then likely to be worth it in the long run.

So, what makes YBell special?

Versatility in exercise equipment is a key factor when you are short of space or wanting to get the best bang for your buck! That’s why the YBell was invented in the first place. There are upsides to each piece of workout equipment. You could argue that owning many pieces of workout equipment offers you versatility for your in-home gym. But the ability to turn one tool into multiple pieces of equipment in the same workout brings magic to your training.


This product is great both for training professionals and for consumers who want to minimize their equipment and streamline their efficiency. Again, purchasing multiple pieces of equipment can be very pricey, not to mention a real pain to drag out every time you want to workout.


YBell answers this common fitness pitfall perfectly by creating a high-quality, expertly designed product that does the job of 4 different pieces of equipment all for a realistic price point.

Not to mention, YBell was awarded Best Free Weights for 2021 by Women's Health and Men’s Health 2022 Home Gym Awards as they are excellent for weight training and strength gain.

Womans health - "I was blown away at how functional these weights were, thanks to the unique shape and ergonomic design," pointed out Jacqueline Andriakos, health and fitness director at Women’s Health. "They've made me excited to strength train daily from the comfort of my living room.”

Men’s Health 2022 Home Gym Awards – “When is a dumbbell not a dumbbell?” reviewers asked. “When it has four different gripping points that allow you to swing it like a kettlebell, grasp it with two hands like a med ball, stabilize your body on it like a pushup stand, and, oh, do dumbbell exercises, too.”


So, there you have it. When it comes to reliable, quality, effective equipment, YBell really does have it all. If you are looking to invest in a set, then we are here to help. Connect with our team here at Blue Fitness so we can walk through what options would be best for you and your training regime.